Happy anniversary UP! (AKA: The most important 11 and 1/2 things I have learned in the past 6 months)

Hey world. It’s party time. Today it is 6 months UP! anniversary. What a f$&uckin’ blast. What a time of stretching failures and shattering successes. I have learned a lot, damn it!

Hence, it’s time for a list: The most important 11 and 1/2 things I have learned in the past 6 months:

1- UP! is the right name for UP!: – Everyone loves it (everyone that counts at least 🙂 )

2 – Running a business is like getting a dog. It’s great to have one, but if you don’t feed it, it fucking dies!

3 – To fail is really fine. But not like “oh you know, whateva” – Nope!…It’s more about: “bugger, I screwed it up! I will do it differently as of NOW”. Failing is a success requirement. If you never fail, you are doing it wrong

4 – Support is key. But only key people can support you. Choosing wisely your ambassador becomes then essential

5 – Being shy in selling your product equals shortcut to bankruptcy. Dare, take risk, walk on the edge, break rules take you (and your clients) much much further

6 – Looking for WIN-WIN is my business niche. My clients gets what they want, if I get what I want (and viceversa). It’s a jolly tandem ride

7 – If clients tell you you are wise, thank them and take it (Even though in the back of your head you know how hard your friends would laugh, as they have seen you more often than your clients, maniac-dancing at festivals, licking beer drops from empty glasses, shamelessly flirting with girls)

8 – Most of people do not really know what coaching is about. And when I explain it, they go: “Ah!”

9 – There are still way too many people out there live someone’s else lives instead of their own. They accept it. I cannot and I won’t

10 – Coaching is magic. It is transformational and it damn works. BUT (never use BUT, unless you know how to master it)…only works with mutual commitment and accountability. Hence coaching plus commitment = YEAAHHH!!. Coaching without commitment, it’s like eating soup with a fork

11 – I have accepted the fact I am a good coach (YES!!): and I do hear often about powerful energy and developed intuition and strong presence and more and more and more. Yet, what makes me happy about being a good coach is that I always aim at being a better one. So yes, while it’s perfectly great to Stay UP!, it is also great to Stay humble and thus open to growth

11 1/2 – This is yours, dear reader and friend. Space to celebrate with me and give me and UP! more chances to keep learning!

And thanks for your support so far and for the one that will come. It means a lot.

Stay UP! (and Stay humble!) – Luca

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