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key to success is self‑confidence. An important key to self‑confidence is preparation

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About Individual coaching

An individual coaching programme is a process of self-realization made possible by the structured partnership between you and an experienced coach in relation to your career goals, studies, relationship, or any other domain of life in which you want to activate change. Through UP!’s individual coaching, you lead the change – while your coach secures the best roadmap to it.

For whom is Individual coaching

Individual coaching is for anyone who seeks for new perspectives on his/ her life goals and aims at reaching them in concrete. Individual coaching is particularly suited for individuals ‘in transition’ who desire to establish more solid basis of well-being in relation to one or more aspects of life. There are no limits of age or background to embark on an individual coaching program.

How does it work

UP!’s coaching programmes are based on the Co-Active methodology. At UP! this methodology combines two phases: the first is reflexive and consists of the identification of one’s self-defeating attitudes, negative self-images and unexplored capabilities. The second is transitional and consists of the activation of self-awareness and the acquisition of confidence in relation to identified goals. The transitional phase includes continuous and creative adaptation to the challenges on their way. To generate durable development, along these phases our clients are often ‘taken out’ of their comfort zone: that is precisely why our methods are so effective.

Duration and pricing

The price for an individual coaching session of 60 min is 90 Euros. Since every coaching programme is unique, its duration is generally unpredictable. However, we have observed that a coaching programme of 8 sessions generates durable change for most of our clients. Each client determines when his/her achievements are sufficiently solid.

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