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About Organisations and Teams coaching

A healthy organisation is where most people would like to work, where talents are reluctant to leave – thus clients are happy to stay. These are the organisations that UP! helps you to establish. To do so, we create the most effective match between personalities and roles – and between problems and processes. Our key-word to foster performance is co-creation: at UP!, your business requirements and human resources will be interrelated in such a way to liberate the latter’s creative potential. UP! tailors coaching solutions that account for the relational dynamics within and among specific teams – and that advance the most adapt leadership.

For whom

Our coaching programmes are for those who believe that great results come from outstanding teams, environments where people are inspired to show their passions, spirits and characters. Whether you are a large multinational, an ambitious start-up or an academic institutions, UP! helps leaders and teams to connect with each other and to co-create performance based cultures where teams collaborate naturally, workload is managed healthily and visions are shared collectively. One manifesto for leaders and teams.

How does it work

UP! creates solutions customised around the organisation’s needs and ambitions. At our back, we have years of solid experience in leadership challenges and team-work dynamics. Yes, we have been there. We know that every business case is unique and understand that as such must be approached. We develop the ideas with you, looking at your structure, culture, values and objectives.

Duration and pricing

We understand that time is a critical business factor in transformational processes. So is your budget. As a matter of fact we can assist you for a day, a month or a year depending on what you want to achieve, how and when. Whether you aim at low hanging fruits or enduring structural transformations, it is your goal that determines the duration of the coaching/training programme and thus also its price.

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